IGFS Structure

The Service is organized by means of the following structure:

The Advisory Board is composed of:

  • Directors (or their delegates) of each of the Centres of IGFS
  • Chairmen of the IGFS working groups
  • Presidents (or their delegates) of the IAG Commissions related to the Service work
  • A representative of the IAG Executive Committee (IAG-EC)
  • Two members appointed among the affiliates

The Advisory Board

  • Coordinates the scientific strategy
  • Coordinates the joint activity of the Centres
  • Oversees the participation of the Service in international projects
  • Presents to the IAG-EC proposals for associating new centres to the Service
  • Elects the IGFS affiliates upon nomination by the Centres or affiliates.

The Advisory Board is appointed for four years between IUGG General Assemblies. The existing Advisory Board selects new members as required, and nominates a president for the IGFS. The election is to be confirmed by the IAG Executive Committee. The Advisory Board makes decisions by majority vote; it can also vote by email. The Advisory Board decides the Terms of Reference for IGFS.

IGFS Advisory Board

IGFS Joint Study/Working Groups