About IGFS

The International Gravity Field Service – IGFS

IGFS is a unified “umbrella” IAG service, which will: (i) Coordinate collection, validation, archiving and dissemination of gravity field related data (ii) Coordinate courses, information materials and general public outreach relating to the earth’s gravity field, (iii) Unify gravity products for the needs of GGOS – the Global Geodetic Observing System.

The overall goal of IGFS is to coordinate the servicing of the geodetic and geophysical community with gravity field-related data, software and information. The combined data of the IGFS entities data will include both satellite-derived global models, terrestrial, airborne, satellite and marine gravity …(more)

IGFS Services and Centres

  • BGI (Bureau Gravimetrique International)
  • ISG (International Service for the Geoid)
  • ICGEM (International Center for Global Earth Models)
  • COST-G (Combination Service for Time-variable Gravity Models)
  • IDEMS (International Digital Elevation Model Service)
  • IGETS (International Geodynamics and Earth Tide Service)
  • IGFS-TSC (Technical Support Centre of IGFS)

IGFS Structure

The Service is organized by means of the following structure:

Meetings and Schools

Coming and past Geoid schools organized by IGFS and ISG.

Forthcoming meetings and conferences. of interest to and with participation of IGFS