Mailing Lists

Two IGFS mailing lists are established. One on the update of new data and products and a second one on the definition and update of IGFS standards and conventions.

The IGGS Products mailing list is dedicated to provide updated information on the new data and products that become available from the IGFS Services. New data and products such as GEMs, DEMs, gravity, geoid, SG, tide, etc. will be posted and shared to all list members. Subscription to this list is open to everybody.

The IGFS Standards mailing list aims to provide a forum for idea exchange within the IGFS CB, AB and IAG Commission2 SC, towards the introduction of new and the update of old IGFS conventions and standards. The IGFS-Standards mailing list is open to all, but pending approval of the IGFS CB, given the more administrative nature of the list.