IGFS Data and Products

IGFS collects through its services gravity, geoid, GEM, DEM, SG raw, and tidal products for use in a wide range of geodetic, geophysical, and oceanographic works. These data sets are used by the geodetic community and the IGFS services members, SGs, and JWGs, to generate the data products which are made available to interested users through this website.


  • Gravity Data

    The gravity data available refer to a collection, on a world-wide basis, of all measurements and pertinent information about the Earth gravity field. They are compiled and stored in in a computerized data base, either as point values and gravity anomaly (free-air, Bouguer, isostatic) grids.

  • Geoid Data

    The geoid data available refer to a collection of geoid models on a worldwide scale which are available for download, along with dedicated software for geoid determination.

  • Global Earth Gravity Models

    The GEMs database refers to a collection of all available static global earth gravity models with their detailed description and conventions. Moreover, GRACE-based monthly solutions are available. A calculation and visualization service for both static and time-varying GEMs is also available along with pointwise EWH estimates for points around the globe.

  • DEM Data

    The database refers to Digital Elevation Models, relevant software for DEM creation, assessment, manipulation and display.

  • SG and Tide Data

    The database contains long-term records from ground gravimeters, tiltmeters, strainmeters and other geodynamic sensors to monitor temporal variations of the Earth gravity field through. Various Levels of data are available depending on their processing, from raw Level1 to processed Level 3 data. Various tidal analysis and prediction software is also available

Gravity data

Land, marine, airborne gravity data as point and gridded values. Absolute and relative gracity data, WGM


Geoid models and geoid determination software, geoid modeling processing methodologies


Global Earth Models, static and time-varying, computation and visualization service

DEM data

Digital Elevation Models, relevant software for DEM creation, assesment, manipulation and display

SG and Tide data

Raw and processed data from worldwide superconducting gravimeters, tides and tidal analysis software